Capture & Replay with EveryStep

Modern business applications consist of distributed services hosted on many machines. Those companies which relays completely on low level uptime monitoring put themselves at risk because up and running services are no guarantee that the business transactions are working as intended.

Our Everystep tool is an outstanding what-you-see-is-what-you-get solution. Simply install it on your box, insert the URL and click through your application under monitoring. While you navigate through your application Everystep captures all interactions to a single script. Wizards allow you to add content checks during script recording to verify the accuracy or insert customer timers to measure response times of important interactions. Finally, start a trial run and upload the newly created script to our dotcom-monitor platform and after a few clicks the new end-to-end application monitor setup or performance test is in place.

The nice thing about Everystep is that you can reuse the same script for load testing and application monitoring. In addition, you can simulate more than 40 devices including mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Forget the pain of complicated scripting. Even if highly dynamic web pages need to be tested, Everystep provides the ideal solution. Use our picture based recording and replay approach to automate rich Internet applications. We call this RIA and our customers simply love it.

What are the benefits of Everystep?

  • Easily Capture & Replay complex user interactions
  • Automation without coding skills
  • Protect your investments by using one script for load testing and monitoring
  • Measure application availability, performance and accuracy as perceived by real users

What are the supported technologies?

  • Every browser based application which runs in Internet Explorer
  • Rich Internet Applications such as Flex, Flash, AJAX
  • Simulation of mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry and more
  • Simulation of major Browsers such as IE, Chrome and Firefox

What are the major steps when creating scripts with Everystep?

  • Initial Setup (1 minute)
  • Script recording (1 minute)
  • Script replay (1 minute)
  • Upload script (30 seconds)
  • Configure application monitoring or load test (1 minute)
  • Get your results
  • Total effort (4 minutes 30 seconds)

What integration options are available?

Everystep gives you full flexibility and protects your investments. There is no longer a need for purpose specific scripting. We eliminated this expensive re-work completely for you. Create user interaction scripts once and use those for application monitoring or load testing.

Everystep scripts for monitoring:

  • Record the user interaction or reuse an existing load testing script
  • Replay the script
  • Upload it to UserView
  • Configure monitoring schedule, reporting options and alerting
  • You are done – review the monitoring results

Everystep scripts for stress and load testing:

  • Record the user interaction or reuse an existing monitoring script
  • Replay the script
  • Upload it to LoadView
  • Configure the load test scenario
  • Start the load test
  • You are done – review the load test results

Be proactive and use Everystep to eliminate blind spots in your simulation approach.


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