The road to successful Application Performance Monitoring

Nowadays, speed rules the world. 
According to research, users now expect load times of 2 seconds or less. Over half the users simply abandon a website if the response time is 3 seconds or more. In fact, Amazon has shown that an improvement of just a 100-milliseconds results in a revenue increase of 10 percent.

As well as wishing to speed-up processing times, companies decide to tune their applications for many other reasons at the same time—to enhance their reputation, to reduce firefighting or sometimes to meet regulatory requirements, for example.

As a performance engineer with over 18 years’ experience in load testing, monitoring and performance optimization, I’ve successfully integrated APM and load-testing services into the development chains of several organizations.

Here, I’d like to use this success story to offer you some insights into how you can leverage the full potential of APM—even with just a small centralized team.


Contact us to get the paper about our application performance monitoring success story and learn how we integrated performance into the daily work of Dev and Ops.



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