Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles. (Steve Jobs)

Performance Engineering

Slow loading applications are a nightmare. We are performance engineering specialists by heart and guide our customers to bring their Apps to speed.

  • We work with a broad range of performance testing tools such as LoadView, SilkPerformer, Gatling, JMeter and more
  • We are certified implementation partner and reseller of dotcom-monitor
  • We support customers to design and implement appropriate performance tests to identify hotspots early in the development lifecycle
  • We provide Performance Engineering Maturity Assessment services to identify current gaps and develop a remediation plan
  • We share our knowledge and guide your teams how to switch to a lightweight performance engineering process



Small changes in application configuration, infrastructure or data volumes can have a massive impact on user experience.

  • We support customers to improve their monitoring stack
  • We Identify gaps and develop tailor-made monitoring concept, which enables proactivity
  • We help our clients to evaluate, implement and maintain state-of-the-art monitoring solutions
  • We are implementation partner of modern monitoring and workplace analytics solutions


Application security is a top business priority. We help clients to integrate security from day one in their development process.