Secure Code Review

More than 75 % of all cyber attacks are targeting the application layer. Infrastructure measures such as firewalls do not provide enough protection against such threats.

Performetriks can help you to eliminate security issues at their roots, the source code. We are familiar with security standards such as OWASP or SANS. Our secure code review offering includes

  • Manual our automated code review according to top security standards
  • Triage of vulnerabilities with developer teams
  • Guidance how to fix those vulnerabilities
  • Repeat scan once issues have been fixed


Why should you work with us?

  1. Experience: We’ve implemented secure code review services for banks and scanned hundreds of their applications
  2. Praxis proofed: We are focused on results and setup a process which is lightweight
  3. Quick results: We know what works and will quickly help you to find & fix vulnerabilities in your business applications


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