Performance Engineering Maturity Model

Application response time and reliability are business critical factors. Successful companies integrated performance engineering in their development chain, identify hotspots in a proactive way and prevent slowdowns in their productive environments.

Performetriks has developed a unique model to bring the performance engineering maturity of companies to speed. This Performance Engineering Maturity Model (PEMM) allows a quick gap analysis and a step-by-step improvement over time.


Increase your PEMM to get satisfied customers



  • 3 maturity levels
  • 9 practices and 27 praxis proofed activities
  • Quick gap analysis and tailor-made remediation plan
  • Save money with trial and error by using proofed practices
  • Close strategic gaps
  • Increase business value

How to get your PEMM level? (This service is free of charge)

  1. Answer 9 questions (free of charge)
  2. Get your actual high water mark (free of charge)
  3. Performetriks will contact you concerning the tailor made remediation plan

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